Rabbits in the Garden 2022 40x30 inches
Butterflies and Thistle  2022
Daydreams  2022 40x30 inches
Pond Garden  2022 30x24 inches
  Recent Paintings
‚Äč    Paintings on this page are acrylic, oil, and various combinations of copper, zinc, aluminum, silver,        and gold leaf on canvas.
With the Laurel in Spring 2022 40x30 inches
White Bird  2022  40x30 inches
Golden Pond  2022 40 x 30 inches
  On Painted Wing  2022 40 x 30 inches
Lily Pads  2022  40 x 30 inches
Down on Thistle  2022 16 x 20 inches
With Two Cats in the Yard 2022  40 x 30 inches
Moon Bridge  2021 40x30 inches
Berries and Moths  40x30 inches 2020
Dressed for the Winter 40x30 inches 2020
Silent Snow  48x36 2019
Moon Glow  40x30 inches  2022
The Cat Weeps for the End of Autumn  40x30 inches   2022
Currents  48x36 inches  2021
Cat and Butterfly  30x20 inches  2022